28 years.
240+ games…and counting.

Jeff Powell, game music composer and sound designer
As a professional music composer and sound designer, I’ve specialized in audio production for many arcade and casino games since 1994.

This is my personal portfolio. For a quick overview of my work at Incredible Technologies, start with Jeff’s Favorite Videos. Or, browse through My Casino Game Favorites, a collection of recordings organized by a variety of musical genres.

You’ll find full-length versions of my music for Golden Tee® Golf and Sea Wolf at Arcade Game Favorites. While there, check out demos of my earliest work on Capcom® pinball games and more.

Or, in Game Titles I have updated lists of all the games I’ve worked on.

Poke around and enjoy!

Jeff Powell (aka Jeffrey Rogers Powell)
Composer / Sound Designer

By the way, I’m currently working on music for a new website, AlongTheOcean.com. It’ll be the first of several future sites I hope to launch. AlongTheOcean.com will feature ambient and meditational music. I’ll announce it here, hopefully this fall, 2022. Stay tuned!

Last, but not least, some of my music for Golden Tee Golf’s Great Shot replay videos has lived on in recent YouTube videos, such as this: