25 years.
200+ games…and counting.

Jeff Powell, game music composer and sound designer
As a professional game music composer and sound designer, I have specialized in arcade and casino game audio since 1994.

Currently, I am employed by Incredible Technologies®, a leading manufacturer in the amusement and gaming industries.

This is my online portfolio – start with My Casino Game Favorites page.

Also, you’ll find full-length versions of my music for Golden Tee® Golf’s 30th Anniversary Edition at Arcade Game Favorites.

Check out demos of my earliest work on Capcom® pinball games and more.

Or, in Game Titles I have a long, updated list of games I’ve worked on.

Poke around – have some fun.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jeff Powell
Composer / Sound Designer

By the way, Golden Tee® Golf’s 30th Anniversary Edition features several opening themes from past years’ games. During the second half of the sales video above, you’ll hear a short clip of PGA star John Daly’s Hit It Hard, plus opening themes from fellow composers Chris Granner and Matt Kern. Just giving credit where credit is due.

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