All of the following statements are true…at least in the minds of those who wrote them. I twisted no arms, made no bribes. Each endorsement below arrived in my email, unsolicited, as a total surprise to me. Honest!


“Jeff has produced dozens of commercials that have run on WGN Radio in Chicago. I consider Jeff one of the best independent producers in this market. I would recommend anyone looking for top quality radio production to use Jeff…He is also a nice guy and funny! Sincerely, Bob Coyne WGN Radio Chicago 312-222-3625.”

Bob Coyne, Account Executive, WGN Radio


“Jeff’s work is phenomenal. He has a fantastic ear, great mixing skills, excellent composition skills and a nice guy on top of all that. He is bleeding edge as far as music technology goes and packs an aural punch with every tweak of the knob. Hire him before your competition does.”

Matt Kern, Independent Composer / Sound Designer and Bandleader, Big Band Boom!


“Jeff is a great composer and audio engineer who has always impressed me with his ability to produce highly imaginative material despite today’s “always hectic” production schedules and “perpetually tight” budgets.”

Chris Olsen, Producer / Director / Visual Effects Guru at Kai / Harding


“Jeff Powell not only is a great sound guy and has the experience and know how to produce amazing sounds but he is also easy going and very easy to work with. Jeff’s music and sounds are top notch.”

Shane Duncan, President / Owner, Monkey Wrench Studio


“Thanks for all your help in making Sea Wolf the best game at IAAPA, hands down.”

Sal Mirando, Executive Vice President, Coastal Amusements, Inc.


(Nicktoons Nitro Racing) “Hey dude. Thanks for being such a help on the Nick Toons game!”

Andy Eloff, VP / COO, Raw Thrills, Inc.


(Nicktoons Nitro Racing) “Sounds great! This is easily the best sounding game we’ve ever made. Thanks a ton for everything you’ve done so far, Jeff.”

Stephen Hack, Team Leader at Raw Thrills, Inc.


“YOU DA’ MAN! Jeff, you kick ass (by the way).”

Dan Schrementi, Vice President of Gaming Sales & Marketing, Incredible Technologies, Inc.


(Sacred Stones of Alchemy) I am speechless. This is the best music in any of my games in the past 21 years. Enjoying this very much. Awesome!!!!!!!!

Ralph Melgosa, “Super Special” Team Leader, Incredible Technologies, Inc.


(Chicago Symphony Orchestra principal violist) Charley Pikler…brought me, among other things, the remastered Gimpel-Balsam BBC broadcasts. Just wanted to say thanks for all the brilliant work you did on these, and other recordings. You have an awe-inspiring ear for detail and great dedication.

Dimitri Kennaway, Concert Pianist and Composer


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