Celebrating 30 years!
Over 240 games…and counting.

Jeff Powell, game music composer and sound designer.
As a professional music composer and sound designer, I’ve specialized in audio production for arcade and casino games since 1994.

This is my personal portfolio. For a quick overview of my work at Incredible Technologies, start with Jeff’s Favorite Videos. Or, browse through My Casino Game Favorites, a collection of recordings organized by a variety of musical genres.

You’ll find full-length versions of my music for Golden Tee® Golf and Sea Wolf at Arcade Game Favorites. While there, check out demos of my earliest work on Capcom® pinball games and more.

Or, in Game Titles I have updated lists of all the games I’ve worked on.

Poke around and enjoy!

Jeff Powell (aka Jeffrey Rogers Powell)
Composer / Sound Designer

Hey! I have a new YouTube channel!

JeffreyRogersPowell – YouTube. Check it out. Please subscribe.

I recently posted my first musical work there that is “self-published” (meaning I didn’t compose it for any game developer…only ME). It is set to this video:

You can download just the music, with or without the background water effect, at JeffreyRogersPowell.com.

The music is also available at Amazon, Spotify, Songtradr and a few other places.