Electronic Sports Games

Arena Air Hockey (Valley Dynamo)

Club Pro (Sting International)

Cruisin’ Hoops (Sting / Brunswick)

Golden Tee Golf 2005 thru 2012 (Incredible Technologies) (music and crowd FX)

Golden Tee Golf 2018 (Incredible Technologies) (announcer speech)

Golden Tee Golf 2019 (Incredible Technologies) (new courses theme music, announcer speech, Real Time Rivals music in-game and promo)

Golden Tee Golf 2020 (Incredible Technologies) (new courses theme music, announcer speech)

Golden Tee Golf 2021 (Incredible Technologies) (theme music for 2 courses, announcer speech, new club/ball hit FX, new music for YouTube Great Shot videos, opening theme for PGA version of GT)

Hook Shot (Gametech) (speech)

Ice Ball Pro Home (ICE) (music, speech)

Kick Time (Coastal Amusements)

Major League Baseball (ICE)

Minions Soccer (Eureka Design / Coastal / NBC/Universal) (FX, announcer speech)

Namco NFL Football (Namco) (speech)

NBA Arcade Pro Home (ICE) (music, speech)

Pee Wee Basketball (Sting)

Shirts and Skins (Coastal)

Silver Strike Bowling (Incredible Technologies) (several mode tunes)

The Simpsons Soccer (Eureka Design / Coastal) (some FX)

Tot Shots (Sting / Brunswick)

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