Redemption Games

3 Ring Circus (Coastal Amusements / Ringling Bros.)

All In (ICE) (speech, high-score music)

Arcade Legends (Chicago Gaming) (opening interface effects)

Batman (Coastal Amusements / Warner Bros.)

Bean Bag Toss (ICE)

Big Bug Zapper (Sting International)

Big Top Bop (Sting / CES)

Blocky (ICE) (speech)

Boardwalk Spin (Coastal)

Breakout (Coastal)

Break and Run (Gametech) (speech)

Break The Plate (Coastal)

Bug Eyes (Coastal)

Checkpoint Rally (Entergament / Namco)

Circus Circus (Gametech)

Comet (Sting / Cashbox)

Corvette Dragster (Coastal) (revised speech)

Dino Dash (Sting / CES)

Dodgeball (ICE) (speech and effects)

Down Da Clown (ICE) (speech)

Dumbo’s Rescue (Sting / DisneyQuest)

Dunk N’ Alien (Sting / ICE)

Fast Trax (Entergament)

Frog Around (Coastal)

Gold Fishin’ (ICE)

Hammer Head (Sting / ICE)

Happy Ocean (Guangzhou Super Wing Animation Technology) (speech)

Harley Quinn (Gametech / Namco)

Hip Hop Scotch (Entergament / Namco)

Hit Music (Coastal) (speech)

Hoopla (ICE) (speech)

Hot Tamales (Sting)

Johnny Apple Speed (Sting / Coastal)

Knock Out Punch (ICE)

Line Drive (Sting / ICE)

Meltdown (Sting)

Mickey’s Lunar Rally (Sting / DisneyQuest)

Milk Can Jam (ICE) (speech)

Milk Jug Toss (ICE) (speech)

Monsters Match (Sting)

Mr. Do (Gametech)

Off Road Madness (Sting)

Operation (Coastal / Hasbro)

Overload (Eureka Design / Coastal)

Peek a Boo (Coastal) (speech)

Photo Finish Racing (ICE)

Pirate Captain (Gametech / Sunflower Amusements)

Plinko (Coastal / Price is Right) (speech, crowd FX)

Qubes (Coastal / Ketchapp) (music)

Reaktor (Sting)

Robin Hood (ICE)

Rockin’ Moon Rally (Sting International)

Save My Kitty (Sting)

Sea Wolf (Coastal)

Sea Wolf II (Coastal)

SeaQuaizy (Entergament / Namco)

Sega Game Show (Sting / Sega)

Shoot The Moon (Namco)

Snowman Toss (ICE) (speech)

Sorcerer’s Brigade (Sting / DisneyQuest)

Spaceliens (Entergament)

Spacey Racers (Sting / ICE)

Spinazoid (Entergament / Lazertron)

Spinout (Coastal)

SpongeBob Jellyfishing (Chicago Gaming / Nickelodeon)

Tail Gate Toss (ICE)

The Balloon Game (Coastal)

The Great Ticket Carnival (ICE)

Tons of Tickets (ICE) (speech)

Ultimate Arcade (Chicago Gaming) (GUI audio effects)

Volcano (Eureka Design / Coastal)

Wacky Ducks (Jupiter Games / ICE)

Waterfuls (ICE) (speech)

Whack A’ Alien (Sting / DisneyQuest)

Whack a Clown (ICE) (speech)

Whack n Win! (ICE) (speech)

Yahtzee (Coastal)

Yeti Go! (ICE) (speech)

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