Sound Effects

Press buttons – make noise!

Here are a few sounds I made “from scratch” for various arcade or casino games.

Often, I’ll “weld” together several layers of recorded sounds – like building a custom chopper with off-the-shelf parts.

Turn up the volume – have fun!

Activate Shield
Awesome Upward Zap
Big Poof
Big Quick Laser
Big Whoopla
Blast Away
Car Landing
Chopper Away
Chopper Passby
Clashing Robots
Clunk in a Cavern
Coin Ding
Collect Item
Crunchy Impact
Don’t Drop That on My Foot
Downhill Wind
Dragon Roar
Drain Alert
Dropped Something
Dropped the Bomb
Ecto Ball Hit
Electrified Ramp

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Explosive Whoosh
Explosive Zap
Fast Launch
Fast Metallic Flyby
Fast Swoosh
Fast Whoosh
Fire Ectoball
Fire Hypnobeam
Fireball Ignition
Ghost Portal
Giant Spider
Gigantic Target Hit
Happy Bell
Happy Sound
Hard Hit
Hard To Miss Zap
Hit By Flying Metal Object
Huge Poof
I Just Flew In
Incoming Zap
Large Wire Ramp
Large Door Lock

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Large Door Open
Laser Hit
Long Hard Drop
Long Magical Effect
Long Zap
Magic Just Happened
Magic Wand
Magical Bell
Magical Cascade
Magical Win Effect
Metallic Bang
Metallic Hit
Metallic Wham
Multi Zaps
Musical Stab
Musical Voila
Nitro Car
Oh Another Zap
Outta Here
Really Long Zap
Robots Walking
Rocky Bust

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Rumbly Explosion
Saved Your Ass
Sharp Explosion
Shut The Big Door
Slidin’ Down
Something Good
Something Good Faster
Sounds Random
Space Hit
Target Blast
That Hit Hurt
That Slam Hurt
Tilt Warning
Track Beam
Track Beam Background
Upward Zap
Very Large Door Slam
Wall Break
Whoosh Zap
Windy Whoosh
Zappy Whoosh
Zip Away
Sorry, these sounds are not available for download or licensing.

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